Sokerikuun Istan Jewel


VH17-012-0554 / V-LN: 1572494 / ID: 18

BREED, GENDERDutch Warmblood, mare
YOB, AGE2013, 5-year-old
Color, heightBay, 16.2 HH / 165 CM
[FIN] DOB, TASO09.12.2017, RE: 150 CM
BreederMoon Sugar Ltd

  I didn't have any plans to buy more horses. When I noticed that SAI's Christmas event had started, I had to check what's going on. Even though I cannot stand Christmas, I know when to look for something intruiging. From stallion avenue I found Nessa's horse NRC Captain Comet. That fantastic bay was glorious, so I had to find a mare for him.

  Sokerikuun Istan Jewel turned out to be glorious also. Her dam Ce’s Archaica is one of my favourites, so of course her foal had to be also important. Luckily Istan Jewel "Ipa" has inherited features from here and there, her dam and sire can both be quite difficult sometimes. Ipa is always calm, peaceful and kind. She doesn't have any bad habits when she is being groomed. Ipa is a quiet observer, always aware what's going on.

  Under the saddle Ipa can surprise. She is not going to gallop like a headless chicken, but she has her own issues. Ipa needs a steady hand, strong legs and determined rider. Without support she won't do her best, Ipa can even be too shy. When her rider knows what (s)he is doing, Ipa can jump over anything. She absolutely has inherited her sire's skills!

  NRC Captain Comet   HoF DCh DCh   GNs Comet Tail   HotY   Centurio Nightstar J
  Ana Karénina GN
  Svartbäcks Eurekah   K Soulful xx   Diplom
  Ekbäckens Ella   ELIT, Diplom
  Ce’s Archaica   Ch   Southbound Oak   KTK II   Silverlode Santos   EV II
  Joga Woods   ERJ II
  Ce's Apella   ERJ I   Malus Port
  Ce's Aelinya   ERJ I

Genotype of Ipa is Ee/Aa (bay). She leaves her calm and quiet behavior behind but also her jumping skills and a need for determined rider. During the year 2018 Ipa is going to continue her career as 5-year-old.