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The system of Moon Sugar Ltd is a blend of international circles, and common sense. Moon Sugar Ltd has always questioned authority - we like to think outside the box. Despite this, real time aging and general realism are part of our view at every point. The aging system might seem slow, but because of it, it's easier to keep SIM-life realistic. We are trying to combine both Finnish and international circles.

Finnish SIM-gaming

Traditionally Finnish SIM-gamers have been little bit isolated from international circles. There are several reasions for that. The Finnish system is quite different compared to other countries' system, so a lot of things can sound completely bizarre.

1. Aging, DOB & YOB

Age of a horse is not usually relevant in the Finnish circles. There's only couple of people using YOB, DOB is much more important to them. Usually horses start to take part in competitions when they're born, and they retire as soon as they have 40 + placements.

2. Competitions

Like I said before, usually horses don't compete for a long time. In less than 3 months, they can easily be ready. The owner can choose, will (s)he compete in graduated or in normal competitions. Graduated competitions are slower, but they are much more realistic and you don't have to fetch results. Normal competitions are in turn faster, but the owner has to find all placement by itself. There are no masterlists for these official competitions. Most of Finnish SIM-gamers compete in normal competitions and only on horses' max level and one level below that.

3. Realism & pedigrees

Realism is not so strict thing in Finnish circles. This doesn't mean that there is no realism at all - coat colors, breed & studbook features, levels etc. are usually important to Finnish SIM-gamers also.

Finnish people have their own opinions about good pedigree. Quite many think that pedigree should be even (same amount of generations on each side), but naming rules aren't usually so important. There can be also a mix of dressage and show jumping horses in a pedigree, it's not so big deal to them. Some people like to collect old pedigrees (ancestors tracing back to 90's / early 2000), others like to have new and short pedigrees.

4. Evaluations

Evaluations can be really big part of Finnish SIM-gamers' life. These evaluations aren't randomized usually - a horse has to have a good picture, placements, progeny, parents with same claims, a lot of texts... These evaluations demand a lot from the owner! Unfortunately it's quite hard for international SIM-gamers to take part of these evaluations, but it's not impossible at all.

5. Copyrights & RL horse names

Taking pictures from Google is a big no-no for Finnish SIM-gamers. People try to find legal images from horse ranches (with permission) or buy those from other SIM-gamers. Free legal pictures are also widely used.

In turn, RL horse names are not used at all. Most Finnish SIM-gamers are shocked that there can be real life horses in SIM-pedigrees.

Sales Contract

§1 Don't change name, studbook, pedigree, color, gender or YOB
    §1.1 Stallions can be gelded
§2 Send me link within 14 days
§3 If you are changing link or using password, please keep me updated
§4 Buybacks to me, you can sell my homebreds only with my permission
§5 Activity check is once per year, red cross means long-term inactivity.
    §5.1 I will ask about your plan in case of red cross

Breeding Contract

§1 Send me link within 14 days
§2 Please try to keep stats realistic for studbook
§3 Foal has to be at least 3 years younger than sire
§4 There should be active link, keep me updated


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